What does a real estate agent really do?

On the surface, the role of a real estate agent seems pretty straight forward – they are the professional you engage to handle the sale of your property.

Along the way they make suggestions about how you can receive the best price for the property, come up with the marketing campaign, host open homes, negotiate with interested parties, and organise the paperwork that secures the sale.

In return, they receive a commission when the property sells.

Yes, those are indeed some of the tasks a real estate undertakes in order to successfully sell your home.

But that’s not the full extent of their role. When it comes to what a real estate agent really does, the answer should be a little more overarching.

Their sole focus should be making the sale of your most important financial asset simple and stress-free.

In your corner

First and foremost the real estate agent you select should be in your corner. That means they’re going into bat for you to secure the best possible price for your property within the shortest time possible.

To achieve this, they will listen to your needs, devise a marketing and sales campaign that suits your goals, and will provide honest feedback throughout the sales process.

That feedback should relate to everything from the price they believe the property will fetch to suggestions for any improvements prior to marketing the property for sale, and any adjustments to pricing or strategy that may need to be made once the home is on the market.   

Eliminating hurdles and finding solutions

Ultimately, your real estate’s role involves removing barriers. Their job revolves around eliminating the hurdles that stand between you and achieving the goal of selling your property.

That’s why they will make specific suggestions about the property’s presentation, its target market, the advertising strategy, and the best method of sale.

It’s also about removing any barriers that buyers may have when it comes to purchasing your property.

And in this latter instance that’s where your agent’s negotiating skills come into play.

They should be able to quickly determine the people who are seriously interested in purchasing your property and seek to find the ‘solutions’ that ensure they put their best offer forward.

It’s about trust

There’s a lot of trust involved in handing over the sale of one of your biggest assets to someone.

And throughout the sales process, you should be able to rest assured your agent is honouring that responsibility, with your best interests as their priority and the goal of selling your property front of mind.

Find the right agent and they will make the sales process simple and stress-free, providing suggestions and solutions, while eliminating any hurdles that stand in the way of a successful property sale.

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